​Sicily, fascist period. A shadow show performer is confined to an island with a lighthouse because during one of his show he uses his art to make fun of Mussolini. A fortuitous event will redeem him from loneliness and captivity through his art.

Confino is the only one italian animated short film elegible for the Academy Awards® 2018

Director Nico Bonomolo

Producers Nico Bonomolo e Andrea Occhipinti

Produced by Nico Bonomolo e Lucky Red

Story Nico Bonomolo

Screenplay Nico Bonomolo

Drawings Nico Bonomolo

Animations Nico Bonomolo

Music Gioacchino Balistreri

Models Alessandro Rugnone Enrica Volponi Spena

Sound Nico Bonomolo

Editing Nico Bonomolo

Musicians G.Balistreri A. Bonomolo R. Kruisinga

Distribution True Colours, Lucky Red

Production Italy, 2016 (2017)

Lenght 11 minutes

Black and White

Exhibition formats 1080pH264 (16:9) | DCP (1:2.35)

2018 © Nico Bonomolo | All rights reserved

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