Lorenzo Vacirca is a little man struggling to earn a living but he is willing to take even the most absurd of jobs in the hopes of seeing hid dreams come true: to buy a Svamp car (the old Fiat 500). When he finally manages to buy the car of hise dreams, Lorenzo's wlife turns into Technicolor but an unpredictable event will end up detroying it all.

Director Nico Bonomolo

Story Nico Bonomolo

Screenplay Nico Bonomolo

Collaboration on Screenplay Paolo Pintacuda

Drawings Nico Bonomolo

Animations Nico Bonomolo

Music Gioacchino Balistreri

Sound Nico Bonomolo

Editing Nico Bonomolo

Production Nico Bonomolo, Italy, 2008

Lenght 13 minutes


Exhibition Format 1080pH264 (16:9)

2018 © Nico Bonomolo | All rights reserved

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